Structured Network Cabling Infrastructure

With today's cutting edge converged IP networks, properly designed & installed cabling infrastructure is more crtitical than ever.

Correct cabling infrastructure is overlooked far too often by both end users and the construction industry, leaving substandard cabling networks in place that introduce an endless array of network performance issues and along with that the negative impact on productivity.

Prior to the deployment of any VoIP, Video or high-performance data network, any existing cabling infrastructure must have both a visual inspection and a network assesment conducted. This will bring to light any potential performance problems in the prospective converged VoIP system.


If new cabling infrastructure is to be put in place, a reputable manufacturer who stands behind the components and the whole,should be used. Cut rate cabling infrastructure introduces potential long term performance issues that the end user will be forced to deal with,as "no-name" cabling solutions do not carry with them the warranty assurtances and proven performance of reputable global manufacturer such as Ortronics or ADC.

Nycom Networks will plan, design, build & maintain your high-performance network cabling infrastructure.



BICSI is the premier global standards organization for network cabling infrastructure. Nycom Networks is a proud corporate    member. To learn more about why network cabling installation standards are important to you, click here