Video Conferencing & Boardroom Audio/Video Integration

IP Video conferencing is a natural extension of the VoIP network. Although video conferencing can fully operate independent of the VoIP system, it rarely does. Group video conferences, personal video conference, web conferencing are all tightly integrated with the voice & data IP network, creating a truly seamless unified communications environment in which employees and business associates can communicate and share data from anywhere in the world.

The Video Conferencing (VC) experience can range from a personal camera mounted on the user's desktop monitor to a complex boardroom environment to a full total-immersion auditorium or government control center.

Nycom Networks provides expert VC integration with VoIP and boardroom audio / video distribution

* Conference table microphones                                * Projector installation & integration

* Microphone/Speaker sound mixers                          * Video & Audio distribution cabling

* LCD Panel installations                                            * Video switching & distribution systems