Legacy Telephone system service and maintenance programs


Not ready to transition to Voice over IP just yet? Nycom Networks offers support & maintenance service contracts for your older legacy phone systems: End user support, emergency repair, failed part replacement, programming, routine moves, adds, changes, user manuals, telephone labeling are all available with a Nycom Networks Maintenance Agreement




               Partner ACS             Merlin Legend/Magix            Definity                  Nortel MICS

         Service on the following legacy (discontinued) systems is offered:

                         Avaya/Lucent Partner ACS                            Nortel Meridian

                         Avaya/Lucent Merlin Legend                         Nortel Compact ICS          

                         Avaya/Lucent Merlin Magix                            Nortel Modular ICS

                         Avaya/Lucent Definity