Central Office & Data Center

The Central Office (CO) environment is a unique one that few IT and Telecommunications integration companies posess much expertise in. Nycom Networks' knowledgable personnel perform work in accordance with the stringent TELCORDIA GR-1275-CORE Central Office specification standards. As an ADC certified integrator, Nycom Networks is fully versed in all ADC Racking, DSX and fiber optic CO systems.


Nycom Networks provides all aspects of CO maintenance and buildout tasks:

  • DS1: Multipair copper, cross connects & wire wrapping. Testing & troubleshooting T1 & ISDN PRI circuits
  • DS3: Multicable 735 & 734 coaxial, cross connects, connectorization, DSX equipment installation.
  • Fiber: Single mode & Multimode cabling, fusion splicing & connectorization. Patch panel set-up
  • Racking, cable tray, ladder rack & fiber optic cross connect pathways systems.
  • OTDR, BERT, and analog circuit testing
  • Central Office documentation & cross connect management